They say it’s going to be a cold winter Chicago, are you ready?

Despite your level of confidence in the accuracy of the collective and mysterious “they” in terms of our weather in coming months, you should feel confident that your commercial refrigeration equipment will remain cold and at optimum temperature. The last thing you want to do on a blustery Chicago morning is to deal with faulty commercial equipment or even a loss of inventory as a result of poorly maintained equipment.

What’s the best way to service and maintain commercial refrigeration units? That’s simple for us. We say, call Temp-Master because we’ve spent almost 50 years installing, servicing and maintaining commercial refrigeration units and commercial freezers in, and around, the city of Chicago.

Commercial refrigeration and commercial freezers need to be routinely maintained for  optimal performance. Utilizing a reputable company who has extensive experience in the industry will also make a significant difference in the life of your commercial refrigeration unit. Experienced technicians can help you avoid costly repairs by keeping your equipment properly cleaned and maintained and are able to diagnose future problems before they cause a loss of inventory.

For a helpful to-it-yourself checklist of where to start, refer back to an earlier post, How Can I Check My Commercial Refrigeration Unit? If there is anything that doesn’t seem quite right, then give us a call.

Temp-Master can help with service and installation and we also provide routine maintenance. Let us do what we do best – maintaining your commercial refrigeration equipment so you can concentrate on the operations of your store – and keeping yourself toasty warm this winter.



Commercial Refrigeration Service in Chicago

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