When you have commercial refrigeration repair issues you want only the most reliable and reputable company to work with so you can be up and running again. Temp-Master has been serving the Chicagoland area for almost half of a century! That’s right, for over 48 years Temp-Master has been the go-to service, repair and installation company for commercial refrigeration, commercial coolers, and commercial freezers.

Not only does this reputable commercial refrigeration service and repair company in Chicago provide incredible value and quick service on existing commercial refrigeration and commercial freezer units; you can depend on Temp-Master to take care of commercial refrigeration installations as well.


Stop worrying about loss of inventory Chicago! Commercial refrigeration installation, service and repair with Temp-Master also means maintenance contracts. We maintain your equipment so it’s one less thing you have to worry about. Having Temp-Master checking and maintaining your commercial refrigeration equipment will minimize down-time and reduce your chances of needing our emergency services.

Keep your (inventory)

Keep Your (Inventory) Cool Chicago! Best Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Chicago

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